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        2021-22 UPDATE

        Please note, the difficult decision has been made to suspend the ELCIC nadian Bulletin Series for the coming year (Advent 2021 through Reign of Christ Sunday, November 2022 series). The hope is that with less uncertainty about in-person worship in the future, this will be reconsidered for the 2022-23 Bulletin Series.


        Ready to Order

        nadian Church Bulletins is an online bulletin ordering system that is supported by the Evangelil Lutheran Church in nada (ELCIC), and makes it easy to order bulletins for the entire year. With a few easy clicks, you n pick the quantity of bulletins you’re congregation needs each week, including those special times of year such as Christmas and Easter.

        Each weekly bulletin features:

        • Cover artwork or photography by a nadian artist maintaining a consistent theme with the weekly scripture.
        • Scripture readings are taken from the Worship Planning lendar provided by the ELCIC.
        • Two free Lectionary lendars are included with every order.
        • The bulletins are shipped directly to your church twice a year.

        Bulletin Layout & Features

        Bulletin Layouts and Features

        Bulletin Series Information

        Church Year 2020-2021

        Revised Common Lectionary Cycle A

        Bulletin Order

        $4.45 (D) per 25 units

        (includes shipping & handling. Taxes added at time of invoicing.)

        • We will invoice you
        • Shipments made every 6 months
        • For more information please contact orders@elcic.


        If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of these bulletins
        you n return them for a refund.

        Contact Us